LinkedIn Advertising.

LinkedIn Advertising

Lin­ke­dIn con­ti­nues on its path of fer­vent growth, and it has trans­for­med over the years – it’s no lon­ger only a rec­ruit­ment medium but offers more con­tent and dia­lo­gue. In addi­tion to rec­ruit­ments, Lin­ke­dIn adver­ti­sing is effec­ti­ve in B2B sales in par­ticu­lar because it enables us to reach just the desi­red busi­ness deci­sion-makers with a speci­fic tar­ge­ting from just the right industries. Lin­ke­dIn con­tent is more serious and busi­ness-focused than con­tent on Face­book. Con­tent pro­duced by a busi­ness on Lin­ke­dIn also now reac­hes rea­ders bet­ter than on Face­book because the plat­form is not yet too full of con­tent – which means now is the per­fect time to jump onboard Lin­ke­dIn! Lin­ke­dIn adver­ti­sing types
  1. Display adver­ti­sing that reac­hes the desi­red tar­get groups direct­ly.
  2. Spon­so­red sta­tus upda­tes that inc­rea­se the reach of upda­tes by a com­pa­ny page. Spon­so­red sta­tus upda­ted work especial­ly well in B2B con­tent mar­ke­ting.
  3. InMails tar­ge­ted direct­ly to the pri­va­te mes­sa­ges of the tar­get group. Direct approach is the grea­test bene­fit of this, but this sty­le of adver­ti­sing is more expen­si­ve than display adver­ti­sing and spon­so­red sta­tus upda­tes.
You can make use of text, ima­ge and video mate­rials you have pro­duced for other chan­nels. We especial­ly recom­mend inves­ting in videos for the great atten­tion they recei­ve.
So don’t for­get Lin­ke­dIn from your social media chan­nels! Even though prices per click are often more expen­si­ve than on Face­book, the leads from Lin­ke­dIn are tar­ge­ted in more detail. In addi­tion, it’s pos­sible to tar­get the reach of ads more speci­fical­ly, which sup­ports the growth of awa­re­ness. Con­tent can be tar­ge­ted based on industry, com­pa­ny, tit­le and work expe­rience, among other things. Get to know our social media ser­vices: Social Media Mar­ke­ting Face­book Adver­ti­sing Ins­ta­gram Adver­ti­sing You­Tu­be Adver­ti­sing
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