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Google Advertising

At Kubla, Google Ads as a ser­vice costs €500 per month. We have no star­ting or addi­tio­nal fees.

In addi­tion to effec­ti­ve­ness, cus­to­mers are most concer­ned with the price of the ser­vice. This is why we want to be open about our pricing.

We have pro­duc­tized our ser­vices so that we know all the tasks inclu­ded in a month’s work load. As a result, we can offer our cus­to­mers clear, fixed prices.

If this piqued your inte­rest, plea­se give us a ring!

Search engi­ne adver­ti­sing on Google and Bing, for ins­tance, is very cost-effec­ti­ve – you will pay for search engi­ne adver­ti­sing based on the num­ber of clicks. The pur­po­se of Google adver­ti­sing is to inc­rea­se sales, and its results can be mea­su­red with con­ver­sions. This means that we can calcu­la­te how much sales Google adver­ti­sing pro­duces for your com­pa­ny.

In addi­tion to cost-effec­ti­ve­ness and mea­su­ra­bi­li­ty, the bene­fit of Google adver­ti­sing inclu­des tar­ge­ting oppor­tu­ni­ties. We can tar­get Google adver­ti­sing by loca­tion or time, for ins­tance. The majo­ri­ty of con­su­mers look for infor­ma­tion from search engi­nes befo­re making a purc­ha­se deci­sion so we can reach tho­se thin­king about a purc­ha­se with search engi­ne opti­miza­tion. Get­ting on the first page of search results is para­mount because only a frac­tion of users clicks on to even the second page of results.

The click price of Google adver­ti­sing is usual­ly approx. EUR 0.10–5 per click, depen­ding on the word-speci­fic com­pe­ti­tion and desi­red loca­tion on the search results page. Our Google cer­ti­fied keyword adver­ti­sing pro­fes­sio­nals con­ti­nuo­us­ly opti­mize the cam­paigns of our cus­to­mers in order to impro­ve their con­ver­sion rates and click prices. Even bet­ter results are also stri­ved for by impro­ving the qua­li­ty of web­si­tes and adver­ti­sing texts.

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